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Giancarlo Intini is an award-winning talent in the makeup and hair industry. Beginning his career in Toronto in 1996, Giancarlo’s work abroad in Milan, Rome, Miami, and Los Angeles have earned him international success, and his work has appeared on dozens of salon and fashion magazine covers worldwide. His expertise includes print, television, bridal and commercial advertising, as well as making the everyday woman look spectacular.

Since 2002, Giancarlo’s awards have included Canadian Bridal Makeup Artist of the Year and Canadian Salon-Spa Makeup Artist of the Year (both CNOMA), Makeup Artist of the Year (Contessa Awards), and, most recently, Best Makeup for L’Oreal-Lancome Colour Trophy Awards for 2008. He is also a finalist for Best Makeup at this year’s North American Hair Stylist Awards (NAHA), his fifth consecutive nomination in that category.

With his look, charm, likeability, talent and knowledge of everything beauty-related, Giancarlo has a personality that will enhance all that he is involved with, making him a great asset for any beauty-related medium including television makeovers and on-camera appearances. His easygoing, creative, well-spoken and professional manner has celebrity and daily clients alike trusting his ability to make them look their absolute best.